Seven Bros. Pictures

SEVEN BROTHERS PICTURES takes it’s inspiration from the Seven Dwarves—we each embody our own brand of unique creativity allowing us to something outstanding and special to our work. We truly believe by collaborating our personal expertise we influence each other and develop creativity, beyond recognizable limits into endless ideas waiting to burst to the world!

Based in Los Angeles, SEVEN BROTHERS PICTURES work with numerous companies globally. We have experts in still photography, film, digital designing, graphics, editing, retouching, fashion styling/wardrobe, hair/make-up, art or prop photography, composing at SEVEN BROTHERS PICTURES.

SEVEN BROTHERS PICTURES is like a jar of super multi-vitamins in the media market! Our commitment is to be flexible but firm, seriously humorous, vigourous, caring and precise. Artists and creators we are also business people who understand the client point of view. We know that even within the limited realities of budgets and time, there are countless possibilities to make great things happen! Through collaboration of the human and personal with the most recent technologies and our unique efforts we create the best outcome each time.

- We provide support through out the entire process of still photo shooting, filmmaking, visual design and digital editing.



- Planning and making of promotional movie advertisement
- Still photography for magazines, websites, posters, billboards and catalogs
- Coordination of shooting locations, model search, hair, make-up and styling



- Plan and execute fashion brand promotion and videos
- Coordination of shooting locations, model search, hair, make-up and styling
- Still fashion photography for magazines, advertisement and catalogs

Our Services


Provide still photography and film for advertisements, fashion, products, music and documentary based on all thematic aspects.


Managing digital data on the set, digital composing, digital retouching, Web designing and final graphic designing with high-end technologies and techniques.


Pre/Post-productionf for still photography and filmmaking.


Conceptual Web designing, magazines/prints and advertisement.


Provide state of the art hair, make-up and nail art for still photo shooting and movie filming.



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